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Management of Artificial Intelligence = Management of Computer Science + ?

Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming a key success factor for companies. It applies the existing management of informatics in companies to further develop what is hidden behind the question mark in Nicholas Berente’s equation in the headline.

The booklet ” Components of Artificial Intelligence Management”, written by a team of authors from the Institute of Information Systems at the University of St.Gallen under the leadership of Professors Walter Brenner and Benjamin van Giffen in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Jana Köhler from the German Center for Artificial Intelligence, provides concrete impulses for decision-makers in IT departments and in specialist areas on how Artificial Intelligence can be used successfully in business. The booklet, which can be worked through in just a few hours, starts with established models, such as CRISP-DM, which are familiar from data analytics, and expands these waves of procedures to include further management components, the observance of which or compliance with which is of central importance for people who are responsible for projects in which artificial intelligence is used.

Author: Tobias Fahse

Date: 22. June 2021